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An invitation to Buenos Aires

  • An invitation to Buenos Aires

Dr Guillermo Rivero, President of the Argentinian Dental Association (Confederación Odontológica de la República Argentina), discusses the global landscape of dentistry today and highlights why Buenos Aires is the ideal venue.

What are some of the hot topics in dentistry?
Today’s dentistry is full of technological advances. It is an obligation and an institutional challenge to responsibly frame technology’s different uses into the profession. The advent of new materials, mechanized instruments, and the digitization both in the diagnosis and in the treatment plan has made possible important clinical advances; generating progress in oral healthcare and aesthetic appearance.

Will they be reflected in the scientific programme?
This is all reflected in the scientific programme that Buenos Aires will offer in September 2018. Examples include activities focused on minimally invasive dentistry, the adhesion of restorations performed with CAD CAM in the front and back sectors, pre- and post-endodontic treatment, planning of digitalized treatment, orthodontics performed with last-generation fixed appliances and the use of transparent aligners, and so on.

What are the major challenges to dentistry, oral health and public health? How will they be reflected in the congress programme?
In today’s day and age, dentistry in Argentina and Latin American challenges to face these therapeutic-technological advances and the need for equal access to oral health treatment for the whole population. Dental caries, gingival affections, malocclusions and oral cancer are pathologies that still put at risk the oral health of a high percentage of the country’s population – particularly in less accessible contexts.
The congress programme therefore contemplates therapeutic advances at the forefront of dental science, as well provides room for reflection on the conditions of oral health and the different preventive and rehabilitation approaches that respond to the aforementioned.

Buenos Aires is a main destination for meetings and events in the Americas. What makes the city so popular among congress organizers and participants?
The city of Buenos Aires is the capital of the Argentine Republic. Its culture is unique, inspired by a rich European heritage. The city is home to endless scientific and cultural activities, and is admired for its architecture and excellent recreational spaces. The gastronomy and the love for good wine make it an ideal place to enjoy it.
Buenos Aires has global air connectivity with high frequency. Accommodation offers 30,000 hotels between 3 and 5 stars, with 70% of them in the city center, all being 15-20 minutes from the La Rural Convention Center – where the congress will take place. The city is also recognized by intellectuals and excellent writers who have lived here, promoting the 3,000 bookstores that exist today.
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