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The Future of Dentistry is Digital

  • The Future of Dentistry is Digital

Dr. Paulo Kano, Coordinator, Professor and Head of the Department of Digital Dentistry at the São Leopoldo Mandic University, sets expectations for the two lectures he will be giving in Buenos Aires; one on ‘Aesthetic Rehabilitations with SKIN’ and the other on ‘Revolutionizing Aesthetics with High Technology Systems’.  

In Buenos Aires, you will be lecturing on aesthetic and digital dentistry. What are some key elements from your two lectures that you would like to highlight?
The digitalization of dental procedures has brought new parameters to aesthetic dentistry. With these technologies it is possible to reach excellence in all kinds of restorations, providing the highest quality whilst maintaining an attractive and natural looking appearance.
The new digital systems allow for greater predictability of results and have considerably reduced the duration of the dental treatment. The technique that I will present integrates the most advanced CAD/CAM technologies and the natural morphology; combining a maximum of precision, quality, speed, naturalness and excellence in obtaining ceramic restorations.

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