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Prevention in everyday practice: The cornerstone of successful treatment

  •  Prevention in everyday practice: The cornerstone of successful treatment

Dr.Ece Eden, Professor at the Department of Pedodontics in the School of Dentistry at Ege University, will cover a range of topics during her three interventions in Buenos Aires – from managing dental emergencies to practicing preventive dentistry to prevention and management of Early Childhood Caries.

Prevention is highlighted in two (out of three) of your lectures. In your view, are dental practitioners doing enough to educate their patients in the everyday practice?
Today, there is evidence available showing the dental caries process and related prevention methods. Unfortunately, this knowledge is not being fully transferred to dental practitioners and few dentists educate their patients on preventive measures for success in their daily routine.
Dentists all around the world work mostly on treating the symptoms of oral diseases through intervention, rather than addressing the cause of the problem. This is more of a 'repair' rather than a 'heal' approach, which does not help cure the patient.
Prevention in everyday practice is the cornerstone of successful treatment at all ages. Only by advising patients on good oral care practices can we provide well-being. As dentists, we have a great responsibility to strongly defend oral health, which is an integral part of general health.

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