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Tackling the global burden of periodontal disease

  • Tackling the global burden of periodontal disease

Prof Lijian Jin, Modern Dental Laboratory Professor in Clinical Dental Science and Professor of Periodontology in the Faculty of Dentistry at the University of Hong Kong, will chair a symposium on periodontal health for a second consecutive year as part of the FDI Global Periodontal Health Project.

You are the Chair of FDI’s Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP) Task Team. In your own words, what’s the importance of the work carried out by this group of experts?
Periodontal (gum) disease is a major global health burden. Severe periodontitis is the primary cause of tooth loss and edentulism in adults and it profoundly affects oral health and its functions. Periodontal disease is also closely linked to common noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) like diabetes. This serious disease and its sequelae account for huge healthcare costs and socio-economic impacts. Yet, global awareness of periodontal health remains low.
FDI timely set up the Global Periodontal Health Project (GPHP) Task Team to address the global burden of periodontal disease, develop key strategies to tackle the problems, and advocate better oral/periodontal health and general health. Our Task Team is highly committed to carrying out the work and provides possible solutions and calls for global action to promote periodontal health – both among healthcare professionals and public communities. Our work also enhances the integration of oral/periodontal healthcare into all health policies. We believe that strong teamwork and global collaboration are essential for the success of this project.

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